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Saturday, Nov 7, 2020

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Sparring Expo Rules

1. Boxers must be current members of USA Boxing

    Boxers bring proof of USAB membership

    Boxers weigh-in at the check-in desk (approximately 2 hours before sparring begins)

2. Coaches make matches based on best practices

3. Dual and round-robin matchups allowed

4. Technical sparring only -- We're working, not fighting

5. Focus on technique and tactic

6. Sparring equipment required

7. 3 rounds per cycle, per boxer, max

8. Obey the referee at all times

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do boxers have to wear safety equipment?

   Yes, boxers must wear protective headgear, wraps, gloves, and men must wear groin protector.

2. Can boxers wear any clothing they choose?

   Yes, boxers can wear any clothing. Shirts & shoes are required.

3. How long are rounds?

    Round lengths are decided by the coaches & boxers.